The Daily Hex: Ocean Green


Wondering why our ocean goes green sometimes? Today’s The Daily Hex has the answer!

What’s a ‘hex’ anyway?

Hex actually pertains to hex values, which are 6-digit hexidecimal numbers that are primarily used in web design. Your photographs can be viewed by hex values and we have almost 1,500 common colors that you can browse through, most of which have names that are quirky, goofy, and downright weird. But don’t be fooled, these colors are real eye candies, too!

The changing color of our ocean is highly attributed to the different particles that float on it surface. The sometimes blue green or green color of it is due to high concentration of chlorophyll-bearing microscopic organism called phytoplankton.

Those who love the ocean might already be familiar with how green the water can get, but for those who are curious, let these selected Ocean Green lomographs from the Community’s pool serve as a preview:

Credits: qrro, mischa1309, sanoja, elletra, gauthierdumonde, blumenkind, szzs & lucyeve

Dive deeper into the rich color of Ocean Green here.

written by icequeenubia on 2014-07-31 #news #the-daily-hex

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