Midweek Music Video: ‘The Golden Age’ by WOODKID


The stunning cinematography of our featured video of the week will keep you staring for its entire duration.

French artist Yoanne Lemoine knows a thing or two about directing music videos and this piece that almost hits 11 minutes of play time showcases his unique skill set.

Images via Karl Is My Uncle, Booooooom, and Mash Kulture

Lemoine is famously known for his stage name *WOODKID*. His conceptual music is as attention grabbing as the music videos he directs for himself and for other artists. He directed the music video for his own song entitled ‘The Golden Age’ and the result is stunning.

The music video for ‘The Golden Age’ showcases beautiful cinematography. Some scenes from the video are reminiscent of photos from Dorothea Lange, Jock Sturges and Leon Gregory. Aside from that, the narrative is also powerful and gritty. You can almost feel the dust on your shoulders and dirt in your fingernails after watching the video.

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