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Direct from Denmark, we bring you our latest LomoAmigo MØ ! or Karen Marie Ørsted. She is a talented Danish singer-songwriter whom we invited to shoot with the Diana F+ on her last concert tour in Canada .

, whose name means “maiden” or “virgin” in Danish, has been compared to electropop artists such as Grimes and Twin Shadow, with her electrifiying and powerful music. Let’s hear it for

Your music and videos are full of energy and are visually compelling as well. Where do you got all this energy from?

From life. From the love of pop, punk and hiphop aestetics…. and personal taste which I guess is formed from life.

What inspires your music and specifically what other bands you like/follow ?

I like music with balls and tenderness… And most important – honesty and imperfection. Imperfection IS perfection to me. The courage to admit your flaws and go with your natural flow – that is beauty. That is art.

Tell us something about Mø that no one else knows.

I’m a dawg and I like to have my coffee white as a cloud and with 3 1/2 sugar.

In the photos you shot we can see you had a really fun time on your Canadian tour. How was it to tour around the world doing what you love the most?

It is practically wonderful! I can’t believe I’m this lucky!! I never want it to stop. Then I would cry.

How was the experience of shooting with the Diana F+ Camera?

It was fun, though I was kinda bad at it, so I had our photographer friend help me. He’s good at that stuff… I’m an idiot at that stuff. But it worked out and we had fun! Yes!

What did you enjoy the most about shooting with 120mm film?

I like the vibe of the pics and I like the non-digital thing about it.

Which song do you enjoy performing the most?

Hmmm…. It depends on the atmosphere. But to name one I usually LOVE to play, I would say “XXX 88” or “Dust Is Gone”.

What else is coming in the future for you and the band?

More touring and then MAKING NEW MUSIC

Tell us something that makes Danish music and style different from any other.

Danes have darkness and humor which is a good combination.

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  1. annatmosfeer
    annatmosfeer ·

    I love the music MØ makes! I saw them live at Pukkelpop in Belgium this year, and it was amazing. The way she performs, awesome! She joined us in the crowd so we had a great time, dancing together.

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