Lucus Landers and His Handmade Instant Press Camera


Ingenuity and creativity go hand in hand. That’s exactly the case in photographer Lucus Landers and his quest to build his very own instant press camera.

If you ask Brooklyn-based photographer *Lucus Landers*, ‘personal’ is the one word that can sum up his experience in creating his handmade instant press camera.

Landers is a photographer who shoots with various cameras, both digital and analogue. Although that is not what makes his story unique; as you can see, he made his own camera from different camera parts while fashioning some parts just for the project itself.

Landers’ instant press camera employs the help of a Fujinon 90mm 4×5 lens and churns out high-quality instant snaps on FP-100C film. The photographer insists that his connection with the camera is not just about photography, rather it is something deeper.

Images by Lucus Landers

“Not just any person can pick up my camera and shoot with it,” said Landers when asked about what makes his camera unique. “Because I think you really can’t understand something till you build it with your own hands. I know every little inch of my cameras. I know exactly how they function. And because of that, I can control them so much more than someone who doesn’t have that connection.”

Indeed, Landers built the camera from the ground up with various camera parts and have put much time in it in the workshop. He also calibrated the various settings of the camera like focus, angle etc. to fit his shooting needs.

What sets Landers’ camera apart from other premade cameras in the market is simple – it’s a personal project that involves a lot of passion and heart. But hey, don’t dismiss the fact that it shoots clean and crisp images in instant film.

You can view more of Landers’ work in his website.

All photos are copyrighted images by Lucus Landers and are used by Lomography with consent.

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