Vintage Photograph Depicts Remarkably Similar-Looking Scene From Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'


We won’t blame you if your first thought upon seeing this snapshot is that it’s a high-resolution, zoomed in screencap from that classic 1958 Hitchcock film!

Screenshot via Petapixel

Film buffs would easily recognize the scene above as one from Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller “Vertigo,” which was shot in San Francisco, California. But in an amazing coincidence, it seems that a second man was also able to photograph almost the exact same scene possibly at around the same time!

Photo via Shorpy

An article on Petapixel reported that the similarity was first pointed out by a certain dustybroome, commenting on the photograph which was posted by a man named Ron Yungul on the vintage photography blog Shorpy. Yungul wrote, "Taken by my dad in August, 1957. Bay Bridge in the background. I’m sure someone with an intimate knowledge of “The City” and / or Google maps will figure out which street this is. Kodachrome slide, Contax camera."

Now, it’s probably something that one could easily overlook or dismiss. But what’s striking about it is that if you’ll look closely, you’ll see how very similar the shots are to each other – just try comparing the colors and models of the parked cars that line the street!

What do you guys think? If these were community member-taken photographs, we’d definitely be featuring them on our Twosday Tuesday series here in the magazine!

All information in this article were sourced from Petapixel and Shorpy.

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