Diana F+: A Dozen of Possibilities – Part 4: The 20mm Fisheye


Tuning in to my tribute articles for the Diana F+? Here’s another one, Part 4: The 20mm Fisheye.

The 20mm Fisheye Lens and Fisheye VIewfinder

The 20mm Fisheye Lens is a lens with an extremely wide shooting angle of 160° (when shooting 46.5 × 46.5) or 150° (when shooting 42 × 42). The picture gets distorted into a circle; some parts of the picture in turn get cropped but nevertheless, beautiful results can be expected. As a rule of thumb, you will capture on film everything you see in the viewfinder. To be honest, you can get even more since the human field of vision is only about 120° on average.

Comparison of 75mm Standard Lens and 20mm Fisheye Lens in 46.5 × 46.5
Comparison of 75mm Standard Lens and 20mm Fisheye Lens in 42 × 42
20mm Fisheye Lens compared in 46.5 × 46.5 and 42 × 42 formats

The 20mm Fisheye Lens is included in the Deluxe Kit- and Accessory Kit. It can also be purchased separately. Either way, it’s worth every penny!

A large number of interchangeable lenses and accessories (sold separately or as a set) can increase the potential of the Diana F+ immeasurably. I have tested those possibilities for you! Keep your eyes open for my following articles in the series and make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2, and lastly Part 3._

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