Cinematic Combo with the Lomo LC-A and Cine200 Tungsten Film


The classic Lomo LC-A is a great camera that deserves equally astounding film. Load a roll of Cine200 Tungsten Film in your LC-A and fall in love with this lovely analogue combo!

Pair the heavy vignetting, crisp and moody shots of the *Lomo LC-A* with the new *Cine200 Tungsten Film’s* cinematic touch to get photos that are exploding with analogue goodness. Go big on effects with this camera and film combo – get crisp and detailed shots in sunny conditions to get that motion picture vibe going. Let these photos from our testers show you the brilliant pairing of the LC-A and Cine200 film:

Grab the *Cine200 Tungsten Film* while it’s still hot on the shelves. The Cine200 is a special run of film from Lomography and only 4,000 35mm rolls will be made available. Enjoy analogue effects fit for the silver screen with the Cine200 Tungsten Film from Lomography. Grab a roll at the Online Shop now. Save more when you buy more than 5 rolls.

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