Then and Now: Iconic Art and Pop Culture References Recreated with Scrap Bike Parts


Want to see art recreated in a truly analogue fashion? You might want to check out graphic designer Jenny Beatty’s poster series made up of scrap bike parts.

Dark Side of the Moon by Jenny Beatty

Plastic, metal, grease and paint – these are some of the materials that graphic designer *Jenny Beatty* used to recreate some of art’s greatest masterpieces and famous pop culture icons.

Beatty came up with a series titled “100 Hoopties” for her very own take on the “100 Days” art project. The artist thought about what would be the best medium to use for the series and the idea of using scrap bike parts came to mind.

Part of the 100 Hoopties by Jenny Beatty Images via 100 Hoopties

Each artwork is created using different bike parts like chains, derailleur, end caps, brake shoes, spokes etc. The series is not only an ode to the artworks of different masters but also to cycling and upcycling. Beatty’s posters offer a colorful look into art recreations and old fashioned ingenuity as well.

You can see the whole 100 Hoopties project on Beatty’s site.

All information used in this article were sourced from Adventure Journal, MSN News, and 100 Hoopties.

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