Diana F+: A Dozen of Possibilities – Part 3: The Wide-Angle Lenses


I just love the Diana F+ camera. As I continue my series of tribute articles, let me introduce you to Part 3: The Wide Angle Lenses.

The 75mm plastic lens of the *Diana F+* allows you to take very nice pictures. But in the possible scenario that the shooting angle of the 75mm standard lens is too narrow for you, you have a choice between two wide-angle lenses that fit the Diana F+:

The 55mm Wide-Angle Lens (with the Close Up Lens)
And the 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens

The 55mm Wide-Angle :ens has a shooting angle of 60° (if pictures are taken in 46.5 × 46.5) or 54° (if pictures are taken in 42 × 42). The 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens goes even wider with shooting angles of 86° or 78°.

A comparison of the 55mm Wide-Angle Lens and 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens in 42 × 42mm
A comparison of the 55mm Wide-Angle Lens and 38mm Super Wide-Angle Lens in 46.5 × 46.5
Shooting double exposures with the 55 mm Wide-Angle Lens and 38 mm Super Wide-Angle Lens (42 × 42 format)

Both lenses are included in the Deluxe Kit or Accessory Kit; but you can also purchase them separately. I can tell you right now, the investment is worth it!

A large number of interchangeable lenses and accessories (sold separately or as a set) can increase the potential of the Diana F+ immeasurably. I have tested those possibilities for you! Keep your eyes open for my following articles in the series and make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

written by dopa on 2014-07-25 #gear #review #wide-angle-lens #f #diana
translated by dopa

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