Photographer Stephen Cotterell Enlists the Petzval Lens for Portrait Project, Writes Rave Review


Once again we’ve stumbled upon a wonderful review of the Petzval Art Lens, this time by the United Kingdom-based photographer Stephen Cotterell. Get a preview of it after the jump!

Screenshot via Stephen Cotterell’s website

Even before he got ahold of his Petzval Art Lens in the middle of May this year, *Stephen Cotterell* already knew what to shoot with it – the “CITY, COAST or COUNTRY Petzval Portrait Project” in which he took photos of 12 people, both friends and strangers, in different places in his country. This months-long endeavor concluded just last July 22, and Cotterell shared not only the resulting photographs but also extensive posts of his review, tips for the “aspiring Petzval ‘Pro’,” and lessons from using the lens in this project!

A photo of Cotterell’s Canon DSLR with the Petzval lens attached to it, plus the aperture plates. Screenshot via Stephen Cotterell’s website

Here are a few select words by Cotterell:

What caught my eye, my wallet and heart about this particular portrait lens was the nature of the design, the images it creates and the significance of the story behind it.

The aperture plates on their own are a great hands on learning tool for those people who might struggle with the basics of photography because you can see exactly what is happening.

The slower pace of positioning the camera in relation to the person in front of me, composing and recomposing, focussing [sic], [and] changing aperture plates increased the opportunity for us to be enjoying engaging conversations that were full of fun and laughter. In short it made for a great photographic atmosphere.

To read more about and see the photos from Cotterell’s Petzval portrait project, visit the following links:

*When an ancient lens clicked with my modern camera and changed my photography for the better (aka my Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens Project)*

*The final photograph from my CITY, COAST or COUNTRY Petzval Portrait Project (plus some tips)*

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