Midweek Music Video: ‘Afterlife’ by Arcade Fire


Some music videos go out of their way to introduce beautiful storylines that accompany the song. This number from Arcade Fire is surely one of them.

How can a family keep it together after losing its matriarch? Follow the engaging story woven in the music video for the song ‘Afterlife’ by Canadian rock band *Arcade Fire* but be prepared for a bit of a tearjerker.

Images via Sickest Addictions and Huffington Post

Each person had lost a special figure in their lives – a wife, a mother, and a protector. Sad as it may, it all ties up in the end with an event that can hit an emotional cord in any viewer’s chest.

The music video also touches various settings and cinematic techniques. From the film noir-esque black and white scenes to surrealist dreamscapes and flashbacks, the video for ‘Afterlife’ may very well deserve an award for its exquisite imagery and top notch quality.

Let the meaning of the video and the song sink in with this music video that can easily fall under the ‘mini movie’ category.

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