Yyyhorn and his Weapon of Choice: Horizon Perfekt

2014-07-24 2

Joel Horning or yyyhorn in our Community fondly calls his trusty Horizon Perfekt as “Madam Perfekto.” Find out why in this installment of Weapon of Choice!

Joel Horning aka yyyhorn

Name: Joel Horning
LomoHome: yyyhorn
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Weapon of Choice: Horizon Perfekt

Tell us more about yourself.

I’m the type of fella who doesn’t like to be in a hurry for the next great electronic gadget (just ask my record collection). My mission is to experience these older things like using a darkroom, developing my own film, using old cameras, watching old black and white movies, shaving with old straight razors, baking my own bread, and even making pickles and jams.

These activities take time which seems to be really satisfying for me. It has all started with taking a photo on film and waiting for it to get developed before seeing the results. It has helped me to gain that patience I lack before.

Credits: yyyhorn

Why is the Horizon Perfekt your Weapon of Choice?

I bought the thing on sale just cause I thought it was neat… not until I used and loved it! The Horizon Perfekt seems to be missing link in my camera bag! It’s not the most reliable camera in my bag (I’ve broken at least 6 rolls of film with it) but I love what she (Horizon Perfekt) does every time! I’ve printed her negatives in the darkroom many times and I am always thrilled with the results!

She doesn’t have a name but most of my favorite cameras have nicknames. Perhaps, I have called her “Madam Perfekto” once or twice. My cameras are always female. It gives me a better relationship with them and reminds me that they have their difficult moments, too!

Any memorable experiences you’ve had while using the Horizon Perfekt?

Oh, she gets weird looks and head-scratching from people all the time! My darkroom instructor was shocked at the types of photos that I was able to capture with her – so much that he went and bought one for himself!

Would you recommend the Horizon Perfekt to other Lomographers? If yes, to whom do you have in mind?

I would totally recommend her! I can’t believe how much my shooting style changed and improved since I started getting used to her. She’s great indoors or out, fun with a crowd, great for landscapes, and lots of fun for architecture!

Credits: yyyhorn

When using the Horizon Perfekt, what are you favorite subjects to photograph and why?

I like landscapes and architecture. There is something fun about trees that look spindly and tall and buildings that bend and twist in the photos.

Any tips or tricks with using the Horizon Perfekt?

Be patient when loading those first few rolls of film. It can be tricky at first and you’ll want to scratch your eyes out but it’s all going to be worth it!

Joel shares five of his favorite lomographs taken using his Weapon of Choice, the Horizon Perfekt:

Photos by yyyhorn

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  1. schugger
    schugger ·

    Nice article and I fully agree with @yyyhorn - the Horizon is a wonderful camera! And I'll be using it very soon out there in Canada...;-)

  2. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Wonderful interview @yyyhorn <3 And awesome collection of photos. You are my hero.

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