The Hipster Tipster

2014-07-28 2

Have you heard about this new style? Now is your chance to take advantage of your bearded friends, flower them up a bit and take some bloomy shots! Here is how to do it in four sunny steps.

Step 1: Steal some flowers! Make sure you don’t get caught!

Step 2: Grab a bearded guy and tell him he’ll get famous! The bigger the beard, the more flowers will stick to it!

Step 3: Put the flowers in his beard and tell him to shut up about it!

Step 4: PROFIT!

And when you’re satisfied with your results, submit your beard art to our flower beard rumble and win a Diana F+ Honeycomb!

written by andie_sollmer on 2014-07-28 #gear #tutorials #analogue-photography #style #tipster #portrait #beard #flower #hipster

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