Fun Under the Sun: Marina JBR Dubai

2014-07-29 4

Watch the sun go down while swimming in water that’s more than 30°C.

Spending time by the Persian Gulf , also known as the Arabian Sea, is one of the best things you can do in Dubai. There the sun sets straight into the sea, which makes it a perfect spot to watch the sunset. The temperature during the day in summer is almost unbearably hot so we would hit the beach only an hour before the sun was due to set.

By then the air starts to cool down to about more than 30°C; the sea actually has the same temperature. Some might say that it’s like swimming in soup, but for us residents of the British Isles it is just perfect!

Recently showers were installed there, as well as changing rooms and lockers for everyone to use free of charge. When we came last year it wasn’t there yet, so now going to the beach is a much more relaxing experience. Only some stretch of the seaside is available to the general public; most of it belongs to the hotels – you can walk through them but not sit or lie down their stretch. Some of the hotels rent out their sunbeds for a day. For example, at the Sheraton you can get a sunbed with umbrella to provide much-needed shadow, as well as WiFi and access to their shower cabins and pools for €25 a day.

Conveniently enough there is a pub around the corner which has the license to sell alcohol, as well as a great budget sushi place.

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