The Comment Your Caption Rumble: In Black and White


Who says shooting in black and white is exclusively for shooting serious and dramatic photographs?

Save a roll or two of your favorite black and white emulsion for some wacky moments with your family and friends. Shooting in monochrome for melancholic and bleak photoshoots is a favorite among our Community, but allow these three snapshots to demonstrate the equal prowess of black and white films in capturing quirky expressions and funny faces:


Credits: ck_berlin


Credits: bsmart


Credits: nadinadu

Looking good, eh? Help us make them even better by putting your wittiest one liners! Read on for more details:


  • Above are three photographs, all numbered from 1 to 3. Just comment your most creative caption in the comment box below according to its photo number.
  • Only comments posted in this article will be considered, not the comments on the photo itself.
  • One best comment for every photo will be chosen and will receive 10 Piggies each.
  • Offensive or malicious comments will not be considered and will be reported as spam. Let’s keep this rumble clean and fun!

Ready? Comment your captions now!

written by icequeenubia on 2014-07-22 #news #competition #the-comment-your-caption-rumble


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    1. mommy, I want ramen
    2. smile, you're on candid camera
    3. oh, I'm tired walking at this very hot summer

  2. judtrim
    judtrim ·

    1. I smell cheese
    2. Where? There!
    3. Awwwww...seconds later...chooo!

  3. gateau
    gateau ·

    1. ((Muah)) I'm the cutiest baby on Earth! <3
    2. Are you ready to kiss that red hot babe?
    3. Oh my God! The lovely hungry doggie is eating my leg!

  4. smpl8
    smpl8 ·

    1. I can't grow a beard, but I do have a mustache!
    2. Look! A pink elephant…
    3. OMG.. Berlin is sooooo boring

  5. ponzi
    ponzi ·

    1. "I can do this for 6 hours straight, wanna bet?"
    2. "DUUUUUDE! Thats the guy who i saw kissing your girl at the club last week!!!!!!!!!"
    3. "Like seriously, This photo would be like so awesome if it was like in colorrrrrrrrr" XD

  6. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    1. That guy got me totally wrong! I wanted a nipple piercing!
    2. Yo, Dude! You are totally pranked!
    3. WTF! Nobody told me that the Berlin Wall doesn´t exist anymore!

  7. pasadena85
    pasadena85 ·

    1. Rrroarrrr ! I am a bull..come here you torero !
    2.Hey look there, it's Shrek !
    3. Yeah, I am Mick Jagger !

  8. beendra
    beendra ·

    1. Dali's got nothing on me.
    2. Be cool. Relax. Act natural.
    3. Put on your pretty face for the camera.

  9. whimsicalwanderingsoul
    whimsicalwanderingsoul ·

    1. Is this how you do the "duck face"?
    2. Told you your mom is walking around in a bikini!
    3. Ugh... can we just go back to the hotel already?

  10. ghislaineislief
    ghislaineislief ·

    1. What's that smell...?
    2. You get a new car, and you get a new car, and you, and you, everybody's getting a new car!
    3. Aah, no, can't find my sunglasses anywhere, you think I left them at the hotel?

  11. kp1998
    kp1998 ·

    1. Kiss me , quickly!
    2. I saw my reflection!
    3. Darn, this stiff neck!

  12. achmad-magabutz
    achmad-magabutz ·

    1.Me and My sexy lips
    2.Look!!! we're on Cam

  13. lemonjuice
    lemonjuice ·

    1. My mustache!Sweeeeet....
    2. Look,the flying pig!
    3, Zombie land!!!

  14. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    1. Will this get me on the front page?
    2. Look, it's Baby GODZILLA wearing a funny hat!
    3. And then the photographer said: "Now try to look sexy!"

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