Twosday Tuesday: A Stroll and A Spin

2014-07-22 1

Here at Lomography, we always like looking at the creative and random photos submitted by our community members. And, amusingly, we find that there are a lot of snapshots that bear a striking resemblance to one another – be it in the way they were composed or in idea – even though they were taken in different parts of the globe!

Lomographers have many traits in common and the thirst for adventure is one of them. A Lomographer from Portugal and a Lomographer from the UK may meet each other for the first time and yet they may feel like they’ve known each other for quite a time – they’re just kindred spirits brought together by their love for analogue adventures.

Credits: anafaro

This photo was taken by *anafaro* in Portugal with a *Lomography Spinner 360°* loaded with Kodak Gold 200 film. Notice the yellow van and the warped panoramic lines?

Credits: saidseni

Community member *saidseni* on the other hand, took this photo using a *Lomography Spinner 360°* loaded with *Lomography Color Negative 400* film also in Portugal! Get a load of the yellow Beetle they’re riding in and the warped panorama lines as well! It looks like road trip panoramic selfies are a thing now!

Tune in next Tuesday for the next of twin photos! In the meantime, check out our Twosday Tuesday series in the Lomography magazine!

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