An Afternoon in Tagaytay Highlands


I have good memories of Tagaytay Highlands. There had been times when some of my friends and I would spend the weekend there, playing all sorts of sports and having our bodies healed in the warm and lapping jacuzzi pool. But those were distant memories. I was able to go back to this place, but only for an afternoon, and tried to remember the good old days.

Credits: stitch

We had the place to ourselves. The weather was cool and overcast; the pool was deserted. I spent a lot of time just walking around the clubhouse area.

Like I said, it was overcast. So the best thing to do in situations like these is to double expose.

The place kept its rustic charm. The staff was attentive and friendly. I wish I had coaxed them to go under the sun so I could shoot them with my Holga. But I just ended up shooting the huts and the playground.

I like how these shots ended up blurry as they captured the nostalgic afternoon I had in the place.

After a hearty lunch we started walking back to the main clubhouse, where our car was parked. I would have loved to stay longer and enjoy the cool weather. The place was really conducive to heal both the mind and body, or at least to get one’s mind off his or her preoccupations while in the city.

Credits: stitch

But life in the city beckons. My clients were already badgering me. But at least for this afternoon I took time off, didn’t check my email and text messages, and just enjoyed the scenery that was adequately captured in my Holga’s dreamy images.

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