Film Manipulation: Mixing Bleach, Detergent and Negatives


I've been experimenting with many substances, more or less corrosives, for film manipulation. The images come out so different, that sometimes you can't even recognize them. The pictures in this experiment are a result of mixing bleach and detergent powder.

I like playing with the idea of 'the unknown.' That is the idea behind my "cooking experience" of the day. This tipster is my first attempt to destroy the analogue world that I live in and turn it into a Twilight Zone.

I took some pictures from my first albums – shots of flowers and the sky, which were some of the usual places and things I saw every day. I thought it would be nice to make these images look distorted and surreal or even turn reality into a dream (or nightmare).

If you would like to do things the same way, then follow the instructions below.

What you will need:

  • A pair of latex gloves
  • Detergent powder
  • Bleach
  • Developed negatives (it may be Kodak, Fuji, DO NOT USE slides)
  • A tray and a plastic box
  • A cleaning liquid spray


Spread the powder all over the tray. I also sprayed on a bit of cleaning liquid; window-cleaning fluid is good to fix the mixture a little. Then, put the negatives on the tray, then add more detergent powder. Spray again.

Wait an hour or two. You can wait for days if you want, the effect will surely be different. Try it! Then, pour boiled water mixed with bleach. The bleach will dissolve the colors of the negative; be very careful when doing this. Wash the solution away with fresh water after 60 seconds (more or less) and dry your film under the sun. The steps and combination of materials may be modified for varied results.

The Results

Here are the resulting photos. If you plan on doing this technique, I wish you good luck and don't forget to have fun!

Still looking for more film experiments? Check out this tipster compilation for more! Make sure you don't run out of film and visit our online shop or one of our worldwide gallery stores to load up.

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    voy a probar la sopa con detergente. una pregunta no relacionada con tu post, sabes porque los negativos despues de un tiempo quedan negros? como velados, muchas gracias

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