Eight Patterns to Put on Your Wall


How about letting bricks and stones fly in front of you? Pick your favorite pattern, the prettiest wall you can find or the most complicated lines you’ve ever seen on a building, grab the Oktomat and start shooting!

Credits: jackpumpkinhead

With an Oktomat it’s eight times the fun to shoot pictures! And the best part comes after you’ve uploaded your oktomatic shots onto your LomoHome – because then you can make magic minimovies out of them!

If you don’t know yet how to bring images to life, here is a refreshing reminder!

From our series “The Best Eight Oktomat Shots”, we found 8 patterns to make the world go round:

For more Oktomat minimovie fun click here!

The Oktomat serves up your subject in cleanly sliced 8 little frames. Envision yourself as a movie director with only 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. Get your own Oktomat now!

written by andie_sollmer on 2014-07-21 #pattern #analogue-photography #art #lifestyle #birthday #minimovie #oktomat

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