Solo Biking Routes: Exploring Jezersko and the Greenest Lake You'll Ever See


My bike is my best friend. It’s not the best one you’ll ever see but I love it anyway. It takes me to work and back, and it also takes me exploring new places. What more could I possibly want?

I live in Slovenia, which is a small country. But even though sometimes I think that I’ve already seen it all, there are always still some hidden gems around the country. There are so much possibilities in our small country, it’s crazy. But there are two destinations that are the most popular among tourists: the capital Ljubljana and Bled, a beautiful lake with an island in the middle.

You’ve already seen Bled, right?

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Bled gets really crowded, not only in summers but also every weekend. That is why every time I see a tourist wondering what they should do, I tell them that they should totally explore the region around Bled because there are so many beautiful things to see. I mean, to most Slovenians Bled is not even the most beautiful lake in Slovenia. There are so many lakes around that are more beautiful and more peaceful, like lake Bohinj (which is just 30 km away from Bled) or lake Kreda (Kreda means “chalk”) which is also almost just around the corner. But my favorite lake this summer is probably Planšarsko jezero in Jezersko. It is so green it takes your breath away.

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Jezersko actually means “a land of lakes.” I don’t know why because to my knowledge there is only one lake there. The easiest way to get there is by car. The most beautiful way is riding with a bicycle. If you’re staying in Bled, you have around 60 km to get there, so you have to be a good biker – there are also a few hills (not too big) on the way. The best idea is to get a train from Bled to Kranj and then bike to Jezersko. There you can eat or drink something. Or just relax and enjoy yourself. You can also swim in the lake but it’s really shallow. And cold. So cold! But the view on your way and around the lake is amazing.

Credits: lomofrue

I bike to Jezersko for practice; I have around 45 km to get there. I like the fresh air and the river that flows near the road all the way to Jezersko. I don’t know what it is with lakes but I absolutely love them. And Planšarsko jezero is one of the prettiest I know. I have this idea that one day I’ll bike there, stay for a couple of days in one of the pensions, and visit some of the mountains that look so magnificent around. But I have to get in a better shape to achieve that, so until then I’ll just bike around. You know what they say – good things come to those who bike.

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