Fresh Cinematic Landscapes Courtesy of the Lomography Cine200 Tungsten Film

2014-07-21 2

The Cine200 Tungsten Film is here! Check out these snaps fresh from the Lomography HQ!

Looking to add some cinematic flair to your photos? Grab a roll of Lomography’s all new film emulsion – the *Cine200 Tungsten Film*! Treat yourself to the old-school charm of movies shot in cinematic film with the Cine200. Shoot luscious photos that are dripping with rich colors especially on sunny conditions. Expect nothing but outrageous saturation, remarkable clarity and more with the Cine200 Tungsten Film. Let these fresh snaps from the Lomography HQ in Vienna show you how the Cine200 Tungsten Film fares:

Grab the *Cine200 Tungsten Film* while it’s still hot on the shelves. The Cine200 is a special run of film from Lomography and only 4,000 35mm rolls will be made available. Enjoy analogue effects fit for the silver screen with the Cine200 Tungsten Film from Lomography. Grab a roll at the Online Shop now. Save more when you buy more than 5 rolls.

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  1. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Cool stock!

  2. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    For those who are new to cinema films in daylight, make sure to get yourself a nice warming filter to bring those cool shots over to the warm side! I recommend trying the 85A and 85B (B is stronger warming) colors on the Wratten scale to see what works for you. Also, if this film stock is what I think it is, it should have some nice latitude for exposure on both sides of 200 ISO for wonderful Lomography vibes! Here's a link to a Wratten chart for those interested:

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