Monday Moodboard: Robotic Camera Sculptures by Andrea Petrachi


Save those broken cameras and gadgets from the garbage bin. With a little imagination and tinkering, you just might turn those pieces of metal and plastic into works of art.

Parting ways with your old cameras can be a tough thing to deal with but there’s actually a way around it. Milan-based artist *Andrea Petrachi* certainly found a new way to bring old and broken cameras into life with his awesome robot-like sculptures.

Petrachi, also known as “Himatic”, collects broken camera parts and other gadgets to create futuristic-looking sculptures that are cool conversation starters to say the least. Each of Petrachi’s sculpture is made up of different gadgets that have seen better days but thanks to the artist’s creativity, they are given a new lease on life as quirky decorative pieces.

Images by Andrea Petrachi

The artist describes his work as “a celebration of the out-of-control desire to buy more and more things, a commentary to the planned obsolescence of products (and the vicious cycle of buying, breaking, and trashing) which stand at the base of a mass production society.”

You might want to try re-purposing those broken cameras into similar display pieces. After all, it is really hard to bid goodbye to those trusty shooters.

You can visit the artist’s site to see all of his creations.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Andrea Petrachi’s site via Abduzeedo.

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