India, Where I Saw Death

2014-07-24 1

These photos document my two trips to India. The first one was in winter while the other, in summer.

The road was crowded. People were mourning their acquaintance’s death as cows were also seen close by. The body was cremated at the Ganges. I was really dizzy due to the sound and acrid smoke emanating from the cremated body. It was my second time at the Varanasi. That time, a small corpse floated on the river. It was really scary for me since my sister was also pregnant.

During my first time in India, I toured Delhi, Varanasi, and Agra for three weeks with my sister. However, I couldn’t just dispel India after traveling there. Therefore, I returned the following summer. For two months I visited Delhi, Manali, Leh, and Varanasi. I wandered along the road and took the minibus for 20 hours. That time, I witnessed the death at the Ganges.

After coming back from India where I saw death, I ironically made a documentary film about birth. It showed my sister and her husband’s considerations including where she was to give birth and how they should raise their kid.

Now, he is 18 months old. He babbles and runs. Everything is really peaceful and lively.

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