My Three-Hour Itinerary with LOMO at Harajuku, Tokyo


Last winter, on the way to Seoul from Paris, I stopped by Tokyo for just one day.

It was an itinerary of only three hours of sightseeing around Tokyo. I had just rounded up a six-month stay in Paris and stopped by Tokyo on the way to Seoul.

On pondering about the places to visit, I decided to go around Harajuku. Harajuku is not as crowded as Shinjuku and Shibuya. There are more young people here than in Ginza, looking back from my latest travel then to Tokyo last spring.

Usually, I enjoy street photography because it can show the spatiality. Harajuku also has its own atmosphere. Although it was windy with hail, it was vibrant with life and energy.

written by choidaehan on 2014-07-22 #places #tokyo #black-and-white #winter #location #lomo-lc-a #harajuku

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