Sprocket Rocket: First Love Never Dies

The Lomography Sprocket Rocket – my first analogue camera ever – and I have had some troubled times behind us. We have been involved in a stormy love-hate relationship for several years. But in the end, we luckily managed to get over ourselves and overcome our problems. Now he’s my old time favorite. Old love never rusts, that is.

The Lomography *Sprocket Rocket* actually came to my hand by a happy coincidence. By participating in a competition of Pull and Bear, I won the camera at the very last moment before closing. The first 100 buyers at the new Online Shop would win a Lomo camera. Only having ordered earrings, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a huge box on my doorstep the next week: a Lomography Sprocket Rocket had just found its way to me!

One of the first photos I took with the Sprocket Rocket was immediately one of the best shots I’ve had with this camera in the last three years. It was like love at first sight. Nevertheless, it took me a lot of time to get everything straight with this complicated new passion that had just entered my life.

First of all, it was really hard to get the film developed as it should be. At the time, there was no Lomography Store in my country yet, making it almost impossible to get photos with the sprocket holes. It was really a pity since it adds so much character to your photos. Moreover, I experienced that a lot of regular photo labs nowadays, even those who still work with analogue photography, don’t have the right scanners to deliver panoramic photos. Luckily, Belgium now has its own Lomography Store in located in Antwerp. It made it so much easier to have your Sprocket Rocket Lomographs developed exactly the way you wanted!

A second problem I experienced was with the winding knob. Now, it seems really silly to me that it took me so long to handle this at first try; but in the end it was still an amazing feature of my beloved. During the time it was also my my often hated camera. Still, I shot a lot of films with only about 9 photos because it always seemed to me that the winding I did to get to the next shot was not enough for a panoramic photo. I learned in the end that if you just stick to the numbers and the dots, it works perfectly fine and you always get 18 panoramic shots. It was an expensive joke, the learning process of winding the film; but after this my first Lomo love never ceased to amaze me anymore.

The super easy winding knob actually allows you to make amazing double exposures, making it possible to switch easily from one photo to another; mixing different places with each other to get absolutely crazy results! Who would have ever thought it was possible to have a dinosaur and a beach on the same picture?

Another thing I really like to do with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket are double exposures with the same people.

And of course, group pictures because there simply is plenty of space for everybody to fit in one frame!

Even if this group just happens to be a bunch of legs. :)

Credits: jokelangens

Besides, even though it is a super lightweight plastic camera with extremely easy-to-use functions, the camera provides you with super sharp photographs. The sharpness and quality of the photos is something that keeps on surprising me. And that’s exactly what a good relationship needs, isn’t it?

Just when I thought this could not get any better, I discovered that I like my baby even more when paired with the Lomography X-Pro 200 slide film. It’s a surefire combo for extremely sharp and vivid results.

I have about eight analogue cameras now. I have also preferred them over and compared them to my Sprocket Rocket so many times but in the end, I always go back to my very first love. He never seizes to amaze me. Indeed, first love never dies.

written by jokelangens on 2014-07-20 #gear #review #sprocket-holes #sprocket-rocket #favorite-camera

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