Take your Spinner out to Dinner


Tired of taking pictures at dinners and ending up with only half of the people there visible? It’s time to get yourself a Spinner 360º Motorizer!

My best Spinner 360º Motorizer shot

Dinner parties are always nice and cheerful – whether it’s with family, friends or work colleagues. But I’m never satisfied with the pictures I take in such occasions. I can never fit everyone in the picture. I only get half of the people present with their backs turned or only the ones in front are visible and they often block the rest of the group in the picture. I was never able to capture the smiles and nice ambiance that dinner parties usually have.

Does this happen to you too and you hate it? Well my friend, it is time to get yourself a *Spinner 360º Motorizer*!

The *Spinner 360º* is an awesome Lomography camera that captures 360º panoramas. If you gather people in a circle and spin the camera in the middle, you get every smiling face in the picture but in the evening or indoors, the Spinner will only work if you manage to make it spin very slowly. It is not always easy and I must say I get tired of seeing my finger in Spinner pictures.

Spinner 360º picture without the Motorizer

The Motorizer is made to solve all these Spinner problems. This wonder is actually made up of a motor wherein you can insert your Spinner and let it take pictures as it slowly rotates. It is activated by a remote control so no more fingers in the picture! You can just act like the rest of the group and you won’t look so weird in the photos. With that said, it is the perfect camera for gatherings indoors. Just put your Spinner Motorizer in the middle of the table (you can use a tripod or any furniture if people are not sitting on a table) and… push the button!

Credits: saidseni

Both the Motorizer and the Spinner are very simple to use (recently I showed it to someone who accused it of being “too simple”) and instructions are very clear so instead of telling you about the basics, I will give you some tips that I think are helpful after my experience with it.

Correct illumination
It’s always better to have the light coming from above in order to get a balanced image. The Motorizer moves slowly so a nearby lamp can become a ball of fire. Don’t forget to check the lights in the room and if you feel it’s necessary and possible, make some changes in the lighting. It will make a world of difference.

Credits: saidseni

No long tables
Circular tables work better because everyone will be on the same distance to the Spinner, meaning people will be more or less in the same size. Square tables are OK too, the only problem is with very long, rectangular tables.

The differences with shooting around a long rectangular table and a circular table

Remove tall objects
Remove tall objects in front of your Spinner like wine bottles etc. unless you want them to be the center of attraction in the picture. If there is somebody sitting behind the bottle, that person will probably not be visible in the photo. Remove the object or just move it if you want it to be in the picture – a jar with a flower always looks great.

Credits: saidseni

Be still!
I always explain to people that they have to be still when the Spinner is pointing at them. With the Motorizer, it spins very slowly. Often people are tired of waiting and distracted when the Spinner is finally pointing at them and they move in the precise moment they are being photographed. The result is either blurred or squeezed people. Sometimes it turns out to be quite funny!

Credits: saidseni

Go for high ISO
I took most of my Motorizer shots with *Lomography Color Negative 400* and had no problems with it but I’m definitely shifting to 800 ISO just to be safe. Some of the pictures get really dark if the room isn’t well illuminated when I use other ISO 400 films.

Shot with Fomapan 400 and DM Paradies 400 film

Beware of the afterparty!
If you are planning to go out after your dinner, I warn you, you will end up taking pictures with your Spinner 360º Motorizer even if you don’t have a still place to put it. What can I say? Lomo cameras and drinks, they’re a one-of-a-kind combination! You’ll get very blurred pictures for sure, but you will have a hell of a time using it with other drunk people!

Credits: saidseni

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