Efiniti UXi - U Gotta Love It!


Something I’ve never seen before, curiosity compelled me to pick up a couple of rolls to try.

In a nice blue box, the UXi seemed to be a rarity in the local markets. Very few ISO100 negatives exists nowadays with the demise of the Superia 100 and Gold 100. Being curious, not entirely in need of films, I picked it up and proceeded to forget all about it. After about a week (a very very long time for me to be not shooting!), I finished off the roll and sent it in.

The overall feel was really great. The small grains and muted colours, like a throwback to a bygone era. Performing well, day or night, flash or without. Even under pretty dire lighting conditions, this film has the latitude to preserve details.

Checking with some of the masters of film in my local community, I found out that this film has about the same emulsion as the hugely popular but discontinued Superia 100 from Fujifilm. A further search online led me to find out that this was a local (Singapore) product! Wow!

After some oohs and aahs and wahhaaas! I went back to clear out the film shop’s stock! Okay, go find some (or U can PM me, I might be able to score you guys some =p) and fire away!

written by nicholasdavidchoy on 2010-07-22 #gear #film #negative #review #iso100 #new #efiniti #lomo #fisheye #negs #sg

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