Photographer Kyle Steed Blends Reality and Pictures in ‘Instaxagram’ Series


Remember how we always tell you to experiment with analogue photography? Here’s another series of photographs to inspire you to come up with photo projects of your own.

Spontaneity turned a quirky photo project in to a full blown series of instant photographs. Photographer *Kyle Steed* said his series “Instaxagram” was a spur of the moment project that took a life in its own. Each photo from the photographer’s series is either that of a friend or a place he’s visited during his travels.

Instaxagram Images by Kyle Steed

What made this photo project unique is not merely the blending of analogue and digital forms of photography but the personal connection of the photographer to the photos as well. Steed says that spending time photographing his friends was one of the best parts of the project. Traveling, too, proved to be an inspiration to Steed as he created the photographs.

Steed uses a Fuji Instax camera to create his portraits and then superimposes them into the real setting where they were taken. Steed’s work offers a layered view of the subjects in a real and analogue sense.
Indeed, the images he produced are different from the way they are viewed during real time, through a viewfinder or on instant film.

You can see Kyle Steed’s other work on his site.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from the artist’s site via Design Taxi.

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