Best In Press: New Petzval Lens


Let’s take a look at some recent rave reviews for the New Petzval Lens!

Photo by Boris Brkovic

Here’s a round up of what the press has been saying recently about our New Petzval Art Lens!

“This shiny brassy lens makes one hell of a hot date”


“The Lomography New Petzval Lens is different from any other modern lens you’re going to find”


“Some of the best colors that we’ve seen from a lens”

from The Phoblographer

“If only Joseph Petzval could see what I’ve seen with this lens”

The Photo Frontier

The New Lomography Petzval Art Lens is a reinvention of the iconic Petzval Lens that blew the lid of photography many years ago. It comes in its signature brass and black finish. Use it on Canon and Nikon mounts and enjoy its effects whenever and wherever. Grab a Petzval Lens at the Online Shop now!

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