Video Exclusive: The New Russar+ Roams Tokyo

2014-07-16 1

Ever wandered around Tokyo as the day turns into night? Our New Russar+ Lens did just that and caught the this hypnotic city in a whole new light. Take a look at the video here!

The New Russar+ Lens takes on a street scene like a pro, bosses a close up and brings out the best in a landscape shot. In this new video, the Russar+ takes us around the different lights and sights of Tokyo.

Check it out!

Taken with the New Russar+ Lens

Designed by Lomography and manufactured in Russia by Zenit, the Russar+ (L39/M) is a rebirth of the groundbreaking 1958 Russar MR-2. The Russar+ is compatible with L39/M mount analogue cameras and digital mirrorless cameras and tons of other cameras using adapter mounts. Made from quality Russian glass, the Russar+ is perfect for street shooting, landscapes and architectural photos, as well as those up-close-and-personal portrait shots. Get ready for sharp super wide angle shots filled with vibrant colors and tons of Russian character.

Visit the Russar+ Microsite and Pre-Order The Russar+ today!

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  1. smallone
    smallone ·

    What camera was used for the shots in this film?

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