Happenings on Film: INmusic Festival 2014


INmusic Festival is my favorite music festival in the world. But as it turned out, lots of other people have discovered it, too. They said 75,000 people attended the festival this year, which was like the number of attendees for the two previous years combined.

I love INmusic Festival. First, because it has always been so laid back. You could just come and sit and drink on the grass, there are no crowds anywhere, and if you want you could easily go to the first row to see your favorite act. Second, because it is the closest festival to my home. INmusic takes place annually in Zagreb, Croatia, which is not my home country although I live in neighboring Slovenia, which means I’m just an hour and a half away from it. But it wasn’t that close this year. We were almost at the border when my car broke down. Rock ‘n’ roll, baby!

But we weren’t too sad. These things happen and we just couldn’t be bothered. It was time for INmusic. It takes place on the island on Jarun Lake. Jarun is quite a nice living area. It is close to the biggest sports hall called Arena and shopping malls. It is quiet and well. There’s also a lake nearby where you can swim, or rent a boat and row across the waters. Or you can just chill in nearby bars. There are awesome parties at the weekends around Jarun, but this year’s INmusic took place from Monday to Wednesday. I love INmusic because at daytime we enjoyed the lake and swam, and at nighttime we went crazy at the festival. It wasn’t any different this year, although the weather was really bad all day. And did I tell you there were swans everywhere?

The lineup was awesome, as it is every year. Black Keys, Pixies, MGMT, Crystal Fighters, Bombay Bicycle Club… there is always something for everybody. But this year, the festival was so crowded that I just couldn’t get to the first rows, plus the Colorsplash just isn’t made for taking photos from far behind.

I loved Crystal Fighters the most, they made the best performance and the atmosphere was really the best. Everyone danced like mad and we were all just happy. INmusic had three stages and some big tents which offered many other activities and after parties. The music acts usually end at 1:00, and then you can either go home or back to your tent, or continue on with a party. Of course we partied every night. Out of all activities we preferred being at the karaoke tent the most. It was fun to watch and hear other people sing (though some were really bad!), and you could sing along, too, because they projected the text from songs to the wall of tent. It was an amazing party every night. If ever someone has a recording of my voice there, please send it to me.

There was so much mud at the festival that my shoes will never be the same again. But my shoes are expendable, and no one ever really worries about shoes at the festival. We truly had the best time but we say that every year. INmusic festival was really awesome, can’t wait for next year!

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