Korbous: The Hot Water Paradise!


If your deal is hot water springs water falling into the sea and hundreds of people, Korbous is for you!!

Korbous is located in Cap Bon, Tunisia. Stuck between the Mediterranean sea and the mountains, this small town is of difficult access. The road is death defying, along side cliffs and the sea, serpentine through the mountains! This place is very famous among Tunisians but you won’t see many international tourists there! You must drive or, as I did, take the Tunisian national institution that is the Lou age – a 9 people taxi van that cheaply covers the entire country.
So, why is it so famous?

Hot water (60ºC) finds its way up from the innings of the Earth and, due to its geographic characteristics, flows right into the sea, forming hot waterfalls. People, by the hundreds!, gather under and around it to benefit from the healing powers.
But you can also choose a spa or the natural springs in the mountains! There are some hotels for the health seekers and the restaurants serve the traditional Tunisian Tajine – spicy like hell! So, make sure you take your swim gear together with your lomos and underwater casings! Shoot in the water or from the beach!
It’s an unique experience!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Eat a Tajine, have a warm bath... Sounds very good to me... Nice shots !

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