Monday Moodboard: December 15th


Always keep an eye out for a fellow film shooter everywhere you go.

This short clip about a chance encounter of two photographers is as simple as it gets. No special effects needed, just straight human connection and a common love for film.

“December 15th” is a short video clip that hits you in the right spots especially if you’re a photographer and an analogue enthusiast. Two photographers head out and capture the world as they see it with their trusty film SLRs. Their encounter is not the only thing you look out for in the film, there’s something deeper to the story than just two people doing street photography.

The two photographers in the story look contented with the way they are shooting. Maybe it’s just great acting but it’s something that Lomographers have when taking photographs of things that arouse their imagination and curiosity. You can see it in the way they peer into their viewfinders. You can’t fake the happiness that creates creases on the side of your eyes when you smile.

Can you guys feel the analogue butterflies in your tummies, yet? This heart-warming tribute to analogue photography is beautiful to say the least. The people behind this *Wandering Hat* production did an amazing job of telling a story without even saying a word.

written by cheeo on 2014-07-14 #news #videos #film #analogue-photography #short-film #monday-moodboard-series #december-15th

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