Colored Photos of Football Stars' Lifestyle in the 1970s to be Published in a Photo Book


The 1970s was the decade when the World Cup was finally televised worldwide in full color. This new book by Reuel Golden shows us the glory days of football in complete analogue fashion.

Fancy footwear, groovy fashion trends, fast cars and football mania are what you can expect in this new photo book by edited by Reuel Golden. Titled “The Age of Innocence,” Golden’s new book also goes beyond that and talks about the ins-and-outs of the game, its cultural and global impact, and political aspects.

The 1970s saw the transition of televised football games from black and white to full color. Fans all over the world rooted for their favorite teams on TV and when the color came, football was never seen the same way again.

Images via Taschen

Style was in full swing during the seventies and the superstars on the field were as famous as ever. The 1970 World Cup held in Mexico was home to Brazil’s triumph over Italy in the final game with a score of 4-1. What eager football followers can expect from the book is a great hindsight of one of the world’s most popular sports along with vintage photos of players fraternizing off the field, football superstars’ lifestyles and the stylish flair that can only be found in the seventies.

Publishing house *Taschen* will be publishing the book. “The Age of Innocence” will hit bookstores this August of 2014.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from We Heart, Taschen and Fast Company Design.

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