Fun Under the Sun: How I Like to Spend My Summer


Here in Finland winter is freezing, dark, and seemingly lasts forever. Summer is quite short so you have to make the best of it while you can. Here’s how I like to spend my summer.

Fun in festivals

I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day than being at a music festival. Sun, friends, beer, music – what more do you need? Everyone is having fun and all the troubles fade away. At festivals I don’t even need the sun; I can spend a day in the pouring rain and still have fun.

Credits: jutei

Amusement parks

Riding roller coasters is no fun when the temperature is below zero, and that’s probably the reason why amusement parks here in Finland are only open in summer – screams, laughter, and tons of kids running around having the best time of their lives. I’m not crazy for the sickest rides, but I do enjoy my time in amusement parks. You hardly see anyone there without a smile.

Credits: jutei

Day trips

When the sun is shining and there’s nothing else to do, I like to pack some food in my backpack and head out for a little day trip. The destination could be very near or little bit farther away. I might walk, take my bicycle, or hop on a bus. It’s very refreshing to find beautiful new spots near where you live. If you live by the water I bet you can find new spots pretty easily.

Credits: jutei


Every city in Europe is full of tourists during summer. Why don’t you join them? I like traveling, and summer is the best time to do it. Usually I have my holidays during this season, where weather is very pleasant most of the time. I usually don’t like being in crowds, but luckily every city has its own quiet spots.

Credits: jutei

So that’s how I spend my summer! And remember: wherever you go, don’t forget your camera!

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