8 Thoughts to Make You Happy


Let balloons fly, kiss your best friend or simply take a big happiness jump – whatever makes you happy!

Credits: windandever

It’s time for happy thoughts. Let them fly around in your head, or on your screen! Because with the pictures made by our lovely Oktomat, you can pick the one thing in the world to make you happy and transform it into a minimovie!

Here are 8 inspirational ways to do it:

What thought makes You happy?

The Oktomat serves up your subject in cleanly sliced 8 little frames. Envision yourself as a movie director with only 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. Get your own Oktomat now!

written by andie_sollmer on 2014-07-19 #art #lifestyle #oktomat #happy #analogue-cameras

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