Then and Now: Kill Bill Gets a Quick 8-bit Movie Revamp


Cult flick and 8-bit animation fans will surely get a kick out of this one. Animator Henry Dutton is back with more 8-bit action in this slash and play animation of the two volumes of “Kill Bill” trilogy.

No quarters, gaming consoles or cartridges needed. Just hit the ‘play’ button and let CineFix take you on an 8-bit ride with one of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s modern classics.

Images via Design Taxi

We’ve featured *CineFix’s 8-bit and 16-bit animation of famous movies* in one of our past Then and Now articles and now we’re back with more. Animator Henry Dutton turns up the nostalgia a notch and hypes up the fanboy level with this cool animated short that is straight out from Quentin Tarantino’s book of cult movie tricks.

The volumes one and two of the famous Kill Bill trilogy is summed up in this action packed 8-bit cinema flick with the matching pixelated effects to make you yearn for the earlier days of gaming. Actress Uma Thurman’s character, The Bride is on-point in her video game vengeance as was seen in the original film. Watch out for the throngs of katana-wielding minions and boss levels complete with mood-setting background music and sound effects.

The hack and slash action and the iconic Nintendo/Sega gameplay sequence can leave you nostalgic as well as awe-inspired after a quick viewing.

All information used in this article were sourced from Design Taxi.

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