Schatzalp Davos, Switzerland - Slow Down, Take it Easy


An almost forgotten area in the Grisons in Switzerland: The Schatzalp in Davos. Once a well known ski area, then closed for years and the only highlight: the historic hotel. But I have explored this spot for me again.

More than 25 years ago, I learned skiing there. When I was young I prefered to spend my time there to enjoy the beautiful snow. Then – about 8 or 9 years ago – the ski area was closed but it has been reanimated this winter. I went there (without skis) and enjoy the sun, the silence and my memories. It’s like somebody has stopped the time. The chairlift is still the same (and still very slow) but there’s missing one skilift and the cable car with its small red gondolas.

The buildings are still there but now they are used for other stuff than tourists. I reached the top station by using the funicular and suddenly there was something in my mind: SLOW DOWN, TAKE IT EASY. No troubles, no annoying and loud sound that shouts at you at the restaurants, no supertourists with their brand new clothes and skis – just silence and the lovely nostalgic touch. A spot to relax. Enjoying a nice winter walk or having a coffee (and a fantastic piece of chocolate cake at the Hotel Schatzalp). Just lay in the sun, daydreaming, enjoy the beautiful view, come down, observe the tourists with their digital cams while they are putting sunscreen at their white and cheesy faces. Pay the bill for the coffee and the cake, walk around. The only sound I have heard: singing birds. I walked on the “Waterfall Roundtrip” and the “Sun Roundtrip” – just me, the incredible nature and my two girlfriends: Miss Lomo from Russia and Lady Holga from HongKong. Klick-klack here, klick-klack there. Lovely pics from a lovely spot.

I was there more than six times this winter. Just escape from the daily stress and from the whole touristic stuff. Enjoy the walk through the forrest to get home (I could also use the sledge to come down but it’s to fast after a “SLOW DOWN TAKE IT EASY”-experience). And now, I am so excited how it feels there in the next summer…. I love it!

written by furano on 2010-04-10 #places #mountains #sun #snow #historic #location #nostalgic #silence #switzerland #davos #schatzalp #slow-down #take-it-easy #grisons

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  1. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    niice, i love swiss alps :D

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ho thanks, I feel relaxed now...

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