Mike Mandel's 'People in Car Photos 1970'

2014-07-13 1

Don’t let its simple title fool you. Mike Mandel’s “People in Car Photos 1970” may well be one of the most interesting things you’ll see today. See photos from this series after the jump.

Photo by Mike Mandel via designTAXI

What’s most interesting about People in Car Photos 1970 by *Mike Mandel* is that photographing people inside their cars is pretty much a mundane thing yet at the same time, if you’ll look just a little longer and observe more, it also somehow allowed us to look at the similarities and differences of the strangers in it – say, their reactions on having the camera pointed at them, their physical appearances including how they dressed themselves, and probably even their statures in society.

Photos by Mike Mandel via designTAXI

There’s no way of knowing if this was the way Mandel had intended it to be interpreted – if the photos even needed interpreting at all, that is! For all we know, he could just be simply be snapping away photographs merely to document his surroundings. In any case, “People in Car Photos 1970” is simply fascinating.

Via designTAXI.

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