How To Bring Your Images To Life

2014-07-08 2

Learn how to make a minimovie out of your favorite picture! It works best with Multi-lensed cameras like the Oktomat or Pop9, where you have many images on one single print.

You can make a picture like this…

… go all crazy like this.

All it takes is a good shot and the following five quick steps to make your image shake!

First of all, find the “make a minimovie button” next to the picture. And then:

Step 1: Size it up!
Increase or decrease the size of the photo until you hit the edge you think you have the perfect size to start selecting your frames.

Step 2: Pick the format!
Choose one of three formats: Square, Landscape or Portrait. You can also adjust the pixel numbers yourself to fit your choice.

Step 3: Start framing!
Now comes the fun part. Now you can move the photo around within the visible area and start adding as many frames as you want! If you don’t like one frame, just simply remove it.

Step 4: Have a sneak peek!
Preview your movie to see how it looks like. If you need to make changes, go back to Step 3.

Step 5: Immortalize it!
If it’s awesome, save it! If you don’t like it, press delete. And if you wanna start all over again, just go back to photo.

When saved, upload it onto your LomoHome and enjoy the movement!

written by andie_sollmer on 2014-07-08 #gear #tutorials #minimovie #tipster #lomography #multi-lensed-camera

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  1. motagirl2
    motagirl2 ·

    OMG I didn't know that feature!!!

  2. neonlights
    neonlights ·

    yeyyy I make it with my Nishika 9000!! awesome! 3D images!

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