La Sardina: My Story With My Old Best Friend

2014-07-10 2

This is a story of me and Sardine, my first ever analogue camera. We’ve been traveling for thousands of miles and met a lot of friends. Even though I have better cameras, Sardine is the one camera that will always be in my heart! So once again, this is my story with Sardine

Sardine is a *Lomography La Sardina Capri Bagni di Tiberio*. Covered in fabric, he was the bravest camera I’ve ever met. The 22mm lens can take any style of photography! Street candid, experimental, landscape, architecture, close up – you name it and Sardine had shot it.

Photo by abecd

Sardine’s small body is perfect for candid shots. It fits in your pocket, and is very easy to use! Nobody will suspect a thing! The two-option focusing is perfect for some quick shooting!

Photos by abecd

Sardine is also a perfect traveling companion!. Its light weight is an advantage especially when you are traveling. The La Sardina’s 22mm wide-angle lens enables you to take stunning landscape and architectural photos!

Photos by abecd

Up for some experimental photography? The *La Sardina* is the perfect camera for the job! The MX switch allows you to take multiple exposures in one frame. You can also do some experiments with it. Here is one of my experiments with Sardine!

Photos by abecd

However, my Sardine is wounded. One day when I was on a Lomowalk with my friends, the rewind knob got broken so I can’t rewind the film without manually rewinding the film in a darkroom. It’s so disappointing that I can’t easily use Sardine now for a trip; but I will still take pictures with Sardine because he is indeed my trusted best friend!

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