Ringflash from the Backside


How to use your Ringflash the other way around of its circular brightness!

I like to use on my Ringflash for snapshots, there are always nice pictures with it! When you don’t place your camera into its proper mount, but instead putting it from the backside of your Lomographic object of desire, the effect of it is a daft-looking coloured shots! Unfortunately, the flash cable is not that very long to be extended at a certain length, but if you want you can buy a supplementary cable in any good photo supplies store near you.

I always use this trick with my Lomo LC-A+ and they really go well with each other. There’s always an interesting atmosphere and dramatic effects on my snap everytime!

written by drumfire on 2010-06-01 #gear #tutorials #tips #colors #backside #tipster #dramatic #ring-flash #ringflash #lomo-lca #effects #overexposing


  1. rache1
    rache1 ·

    Off camera ringflash!! now that's a proper daft idea :D

  2. les_parisiens
    les_parisiens ·

    Great Tips ! What film do you uselly use for that ? Do you change the iso setting too ?

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