Swimming Pool in Sea Point


Spectacular open water swimming pool in Sea Point in Cape Town, located on the waterfront, gives plenty opportunity for relax and sport.

In CAPE TOWN, in street corner of Beach Road – the spectacular waterfront of the Sea Point is located beautiful complex of open water pools. Are placed on the platform above sea level and filled with transparent filtered seawater. Unlike the sea in the summer is16C, hot summer air heating water in pools on a pleasant 26-27.

On summer days there’s a lot packed with locals and children to enjoy recreation. In addition Olympic 50 m swimming pool is out fully equipped diving pool, plus 2 splash pools for kids. There are grassy areas with plenty of palm trees where you can relax and to hide from the sun burning. A lot of restaurants around the pool and in the area of Sea Point offers refreshment from simple drinks to luxury dinner.

It will be hard to swim in pools in afternoon and evening, because there will be hundreds youngsters here, but the atmosphere here is absolutely original. Admission is 10 RD what is approximately 1.5 U.S. dollar and the pool is open from 7:00 am to 19 pm.

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    Love your shots ! Great silhouettes !

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