Dazzling Everyday Snaps Turned Extraordinary Photos Taken with Revolog Films


Turn your simple subjects into colorful works of art with Revolog films!

Credits: togotogo

Bringing your camera everywhere you go is a good practice for any photography beginner. You compose your images before you even look into the viewfinder or just shoot from the hip; but just how do you turn simple snapshots into photos with character? Our simple suggestion – load up on *Revolog* films. Surprise your friends and even yourself with amazing photos when you use Revolog films. Find that kick you’ve always looked for in your photographs with just a quick change of film. Choose among these analogue effects to add to your photos – outrageous colors, mesmerizing orbs, and even electrifying lightning! Check out these simple snapshots from our community members that were given the magic Revolog touch:

Credits: ponzi, uncle_jay, le_ors, denisesanjose, cryboy, gauthierdumonde, xbalboax, togotogo & nural

Grab 5 or more Revolog Films with the *Revolog Film Adventure* bundle and get an additional freebie from Lomography. Explore new territory and bring your analogue experiments to new heights by trying out Revolog films. Grab a roll or two at the Online Shop now.

written by cheeo on 2014-07-07 #lifestyle #color #lightning #effects #tesla #revolog #kolor

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