Monday Moodboard: The World’s Smallest Instant Portrait Studio

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As far as superlatives go, having a claim to the smallest instant portrait studio in the world is actually a big thing.

Image via Siste Skanse

Small doesn’t always mean less. This is what *Siste Skanse*, the world’s smallest instant portrait photo studio aims, to show people in this digital age. Operated and owned by photographer Kristian Gundersen, every available inch of this little studio in Tromsø, Norway is dedicated to instant portrait photography.

“Siste Skanse” can mean “The Last Stand” when translated into English from Norwegian. Gundersen’s choice in words to represent his chic and cozy studio is perfect as it is poetic. Millions of photographs are being taken all over the world and most of those photos will just be dumped in digital trash bins. Gundersen’s small portrait studio may not even reach the thousand mark but the photos produced in that tight little space has unique personal stories to tell.

Images via Siste Skanse

Aside from the fact that The Last Stand is the smallest instant portrait studio in the world, the history of the structure itself is a story on its own. The building was said to be built 100 years ago and served as a newspaper and tobacco kiosk until the mid 1980s. The building can squeeze in 5 people at a time but Gundersen said that the most it could fit was 10 people.

Image via Siste Skanse

With just a floor space of 35 × 43 inches, the world’s smallest instant portrait studio may be cramped for guests but the memories that come out in every print is larger than life. Gundersen oversees the operation of the studio himself and uses a variety of cameras and instant backs for different types of shoots. This little kiosk in Tromsø, Norway may soon be a safe haven and pilgrimage site for instant photography enthusiasts all over the world.

I can’t really blame them; with such a good story, a warm outlook when it comes to analogue photography and a cute niche, what’s not to like about The Last Stand?

If any of you is planning to go on a trip to visit The Last Stand, you can find them here:

Skippergata uten nummer
9008 Tromsø, Norway
Saturday 12.00 – 15.00ish
Sunday 12.00 – 14.00ish
+47 971 66 581

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Siste Skanse via Film's Not Dead.

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