Behind the Scenes: Prinz Pi On the Go with the LC-A+


Berliner rapper Prinz Pi made it to the top of the charts with his latest album “Kompass ohne Norden” and went on the most successful tour of his career so far, where he performed in front of over 37,000 fans. With an LC-A+ at his disposal, Prinz Pi’s manager, Wassif, captured the concerts for us on film- both on and backstage.

Hey Wassif! Please introduce yourself to the community!

Ey yo community! Hi, I’m Wassif, I’m doing great and I manage artists like Prinz Pi and Olson! My world revolves around the German Hip Hop and Rap scene.

How long have you been Prinz Pi’s manager and how did that come about?

I started out with an internship at “Royal Bunker” at 16! A Berlin cult label. At the time, Prinz Pi had a contract there. Our work together really got started in 2009 though! We went independent and started a joint label called “Keine Liebe.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Prinz Pi, how would you describe his music?

I would almost dare to say he’s a kind of a modern Bob Dylan and a voice of the mood of the young population. His lyrics are really quite ambitious. Because of that, he’s sometimes criticized for being a “poet.” But because he stems from battle rapping, he can also throw down when the opportunity presents itself.

“Prinz Pi – Kompass ohne Norden”, from his latest Album.

You had an Lomo LC-A+ with you on the last tour. What did you notice about the camera and the process of taking photos with it?

I’m a fan of hands-on work in general. The digitalization of photography is indeed practical and is more widely used in my field because of that, but I found working with the LC-A+ much better! Feeding the film, cranking it, adjusting settings, shooting photos- I found it pretty cool!

Is it your first time to take analogue photos and to work with Lomography?

Yeah! You can see it in the photos :)

Where are the pictures (in the article) from?

They’re from the most successful Prinz Pi tour to date- the “Kompass ohne Norden” Tour.

Did Prinz Pi take any photos?

Yeah! He was totally into it!

Do you have any tips for anyone who’s new to the LC-A+? What should they be careful of?

You should always pay attention to the lighting and sharpness! I really screwed that up a lot, haha. Now I know better!

What can we expect from Prinz Pi moving forward?

First rocking out at festivals and then chilling and plowing through the next album!

Thanks for the interview!

No, thank you! Ciao Lomo-community!

Find out more about Prinz Pi on his website, add him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter! The Live album “Kompass ohne Norden: Auf Kurs nach Hause” was released on May 16, which Prinz Pi not only dedicated to his fans, but also let them be a part of it. In every city on the last tour he recorded a different song from his number 1 album together with his fans.

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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