Review: Lomography Color Tiger 200 110mm Film Really Roars!

2014-07-07 1

Mary had the opportunity to take a ride in a hot air balloon and thought it was the perfect time to try out some Lomography Color Tiger 200 film!

My very first film camera was a 110 Pixie brand camera I received when I was 3 years old. It was a Christmas present and it came complete with flash bars and the first photos were all of headless relatives and blurred scenes. You can imagine my excitement to discover that Lomography was bringing back 110 film so that I could put my first camera back to work! *Lomography Color Tiger 200* was the first roll of film in my camera in decades and I wasn’t even sure if the camera still worked; but that’s just half the fun.

I was invited to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride, and had never been on one before. For practice, I took a few photos around the neighborhood and of everyday life with my Pixie camera and Color Tiger 200 before taking the camera up in the sky with me. The film was as easy to load as it always had been, just pop it in and you’re ready to go!

Credits: gothcupcake

The film seemed to do well in the shade as well as in bright sun. It has nice grain and punchy colors. The camera I loaded it in was a very simple point-and-shoot, no focus or bells and whistles so I was happy with the range I was able to get from the film.

The hot air balloon ride was over a remote part of Phoenix, Arizona and was held during earlier parts of the evening.

Credits: gothcupcake

We went up right before sunset so we were able to take advantage of the golden hour and see the sunset from up in the balloon too. Color Tiger handled shade, full sun, golden hour and sunset incredibly well.

Credits: gothcupcake

All in all I was very happy with my results and will most definitely be stocking up on more Color Tiger 200 film for more Lomographic adventures! You can pick yourself up a few rolls here.

My roll was sent in and developed by Lomography. The photos shown are from scans straight from the lab.

To read more about my photographic adventures follow me on my blog.

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  1. jimmybuzaid
    jimmybuzaid ·

    Cool! I think you mean 1.10mm, the format's name is not 110mm! That would be double the size of 120!

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