Dreamy Doubles Taken with the Revolog Kolor


Feast your eyes on these trippy, color-soaked photographs courtesy of the Revolog Kolor film!

Credits: blackfairy, siishell, augsoe, lunt82, tafa, thinkgeek, ciaorhiannon, didgitalbullet, mashoi & blondielocks

Bring your film experiments to greater heights by taking double (or even multiple!) exposure shots on the *Revolog Kolor* film! Shooting double exposures and using a special effects film are each already an adventure on their own, and a combination of the two would surely yield one-of-a-kind photographs that border on the surreal. Note that the gradients on the Kolor would change depending on the exposure setting – that is, underexposure will make the color effects more prominent, while overexposure will do the opposite.

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written by chooolss on 2014-07-04 #lifestyle #doubles #gallery-post #revolog-kolor

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