Ilford Black and White Film Development Experiment


Here are some self portraits that I took using my Lubitel 2 and a roll of expired film. I used old chemicals, an incorrect ratio, and I under fixed the film during development and washed it in boiling hot water. See how it all turned out.

As a Lomographer, I like to experiment and break the rules. With this particular film, I felt very pleased with my lack of ‘correct developing skills’.

What I used:
- Lubitel 2
- An Ilford black and white film, expired in 1994
- 6 week old Ilford developer, stop and fix

I took these self portraits using my *Lubitel 2* and a roll of expired Ilford black and white film. During development, I used chemicals which were weeks old. When I put the developer in the canister I only put in half of the correct amount, meaning the chemical was only affecting the whole of the film during agitation, which I rapidly did every minute to ensure that an image would form. I then played around with time by under fixing the film. The final step was soaking the film in boiling hot water, which in all honesty was a complete accident!

Once the negatives were dry, they looked purple and smoky. The texture was also very thin and flimsy. I scanned the negatives to see if my experiments were a success. The more successful frames looked hazy and were streaked with faded blotches.

This particular experiment was a bit of a hit and miss. The process was very loose, I didn’t follow a particular method. I had no idea how the film was going to turn out; but it was so exciting! I think that as a Lomographer, it’s important to be adventurous! Take risks and have fun, this is how the best of photographs are created.

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