Then and Now: Samantha Decker Peeks Into the Future with Photos from the Past


Ever wondered what people of the past may have reacted to see what it was like seeing snippets of the future? Take a guess with these “Now and Then” photos from Samantha Decker.

Juxtaposing photos from the past and present is not a new idea. It’s truly amazing to see how much has changed in photos, but how about seeing the changes that have yet to happen?

That is what *Samantha Decker* banked on when she created her series “Now and Then: Seeing the Future from the Past.” Instead of just placing snippets of old photos in today’s modern scene, she did the opposite and put snippets of future times in scenes of the past. Decker gathered public domain photos from WikiMedia commons and inserted them into vintage photos for some famous places.

Images by Samantha Decker via Through the Glass

Decker’s play on perspective and time can make you wonder what it feels to see the future in the same way. What would the Eiffel Tower in Paris look like after 40 years? How about Central Park or some other famous place in the world?

All photos and information used in this article were sourced from Samantha Decker’s site via Design Taxi.

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